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I wrote a while back about the 5 words that changed my life, actually two sets of 5 words.

The first where spoken when I married my high school sweetheart when the parish priest asked me- “Do you take this woman” and that changed everything.

The second set of words came from a doctor we barely knew when he told us that “the pathology is not good” and again our lives changed in an instant as this woman I had taken in marriage had breast cancer.

That was in May 2010, and today I would like to share with you another five life changing words that came into our lives thirty years ago today, September 27,1980, in Calgary delivered to us by another doctor we did not really know.

He said, “Folks you have a boy!” After more than 24 hours of hard labour, crying and screaming,- it was difficult on my wife as well- our son Christopher was born.

We were just kids ourselves, living in Calgary with no family around, and now we were parents.Our lives changed in an instant.

Thirty years later, I am with my wife again, and she is suffering from different kind of pain. This time it is caused by the drugs the young doctors (yes the doctors get younger as you get older) say will make her better. We are not sure but we trust, and we hope.

Our little boy has grown into a man and his younger sister into a caring and beautiful woman, and they have both now come to care for us as we travel across this uncertain road together.

Life is short- Enjoy it- it can change in an instant!

Happy Birthday Chris you are the best!!!!

PS: Chris for you – A day of Tweets about birthdays – How cheap a present is that?

Love- Mom, Dad & Michelle

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