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Several years ago I had the opportunity to meet Brennan Manning as he spoke at a Dismas Fellowship evening. He has a fascinating past, a former Catholic Priest, minister to the shrimpers in Louisiana, teacher, recovering alcoholic and prolific author and public speaker.

I had a chance to talk with him one on one before his speech to a room packed with ex-cons and volunteers of the Friends of Dismas. I found him to be a soft spoken man who had lived a life of many different experiences. He had moments of great faith and clarity and times of despair and hopelessness. It is this sense of vulnerability that attracted me to his writings.

The gospel story this week focuses on the “sinful woman”. She comes to a dinner party where all in attendance know she is a person of low reputation- likely a prostitute or adulterer. They all judge her to be unworthy. She somehow finds the courage to approach Jesus and to ask for reconciliation with God.

In the short clip below Brennan speaks of a God that is so large in his love for us that he will always welcome us back into his loving embrace. Reconciliation is always possible if we have the courage to take that first step.

You may also notice that this man who is soft-spoken in personal conversation is quite passionate when sharing his convictions before an audience as he talks about the love Jesus has for each of us.

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