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The reason I ask is that I waffle on this and there are times when I think stuff just happens and then something takes place that makes me think everything is connected.

Here is one example. I was originally scheduled to give the homily on the 1st Sunday of Advent which is the weekend of November 27/28. Then I got a message and was told that our local Bishop was coming that weekend and I was being bumped up to the weekend before which is the Solemnity of Christ the King.

When I looked at the Sunday Gospel I began to think that this change was not a coincidence that it came about for a reason.

Our last visit with Luke on this the final Sunday of the liturgical year features Jesus talking to the Good Thief- St. Dismas.

Dismas asks, “Jesus to remember me when you comes into your kingdom” because this thief ,at the moment of his death, came to see Jesus as a special type of King. It would make sense then that Dismas should play a prominent role in the story of the homily.

Take a moment and click here to read about this moment from the view point of Good Thief or listen to the video below.

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