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A parishioner from St. Patrick’s sent me this video of a group of inmates dancing to “They don’t care about us” by Michael Jackson.

The lead dancer is Michael Jackson’s choreographer Travis Payne who worked on this video which is described below:

What an unusual way to perhaps give these men a different more positive outlet and way of viewing themselves. This may well be the first time many of them get to feel that they have any worth or are able to contribute to something bigger than their own personal agenda…. Some watching this video have been blown away by the spirit and majesty of this program, despite its compulsory participation caveat.  These dancers are prisoners in the Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Province of Cebú in the Philippine Islands.  The dances are obligatory for all of the 1600 prisoners, except the old or the sick.


The lyrics of the song are challenging and in places a bit rough but they are a challenge to all of us- Do we really care about people the world has written off?

Good question- for the lyrics click here.

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