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Two people have sent me this links to a video which is going viral as the kids like to say.

For those of you not up on the new phenomenon called the flash mob here is a definition  from Wikipedia:

A flash mob (or flashmob) is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse. The term flash mob is generally applied only to gatherings organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails.

So here is a flash mob that came together in a mall to sing the Hallelujah Chorus and then go quietly about their business.

It is a beautiful way to start the Advent season so enjoy.

If you can’t hang around for the whole 5 minutes fast forward and listen to last 30 seconds so you can see how the “flash mob” finishes its “impromptu” performance.

One Response to “Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus – Must See!”

  1. BC says:

    I love flash mobs – this is my favouritehttp://www.ibelieveshesamazing.com/ I change it to whole screen and the girls dance while we all sing – lots of fun.

    this is a clip a friend sent me today – you won’t believe how well this little girl speaks to a crowd!
    You can watch it here: http://vimeo.com/16404771
    Have a great day
    (Barb, Dave and all 4 girls)