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Can they be forgiven?

It has been a fascinating week. Preparing for the homily, dealing with our preoccupation with sin and hell¬† and a chance to appear on TV. When my friend Pedro Guevara Mann who works at Salt + Light TV, called and asked if I would appear on his show called Perspectives along with¬† my brother in crime, Rev. Harry Nigh, to talk about forgiveness it seemed like “planned” coincidence given the direction I was taking with the homily.

Harry and I are part of a community which has evolved over the past number of years called the Friends of Dismas. It involves people of faith, of many religious convictions, some with criminal convictions, who have come together with the aim of doing our best to live the gospel.

The theme for this week’s homily- which I have titled “What the Hell” – is that there is very little chance any of us will eventually end up in Hell. It is just not what God wants, and I believe he will constantly send people and opportunities into our lives so we can find our way home.

Even to those of us who many judge to evil to be forgiven.

Here is the program- it runs about 25 minutes and touches on many of the themes from the gospel readings we will explore this weekend.

PS:It seems the camera really does add about 120 pounds to the way you look!!!



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