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If you are looking for something special this lent I would encourage you to check out the online reading group at the Henri Nouwen Society. It started on March 9th and continues through  lent and you can join at anytime.

This lent the group is reflecting on Nouwen’s book- Here and Now: Living in the Spirit.(Click here to visit the reading group.)

One reader on Amazon describe the book this way:

“Nouwen always grips the reader, but in HERE AND NOW, he compels you to visit the book again and again. The reader is challenged to periods of silent compassion, bringing to mind the friends who sat quietly with Job in his grief. (They were more helpful that way!) If you frequent airplanes, be sure to carry this book along and read the sections on worry, death and life-in-the-now; you will know incredible peace! Discover new meaning for the word “family,” new attitudes about what you think you possess and what’s really important, sources to guide you in spiritual maturity, and so much more! “We cannot live a spiritual life alone,” to quote Nouwen, and we need books like this one to get us thinking and moving and better relating to each other. “Claim your belovedness” with help from this book!”

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