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Indy Go DadayIt is race weekend in Toronto and year 23 (maybe 24) of a tradition in our family where my now grown son, and I make the trek to the Lakeshore to watch the Indy cars race.

It is hard to explain to non-racing fans why we would do this, in fact, I am at times confused by this myself. The cars are noisy and the refreshments expensive, but we love to do it.

Traditions are an important part of family life, and they just seem to happen. The best ones are not planned they simply seem to take root and if you are not a part of the tradition you simply won’t get it.

They are to be savored and remembered and missed when they are no longer possible.

So see you on Monday. Prayers for the weekend are reserved for good weather, and the safety of everyone involved.

Drivers start your engines, and beer guy remember to visit our section.

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