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Below is a 10-minute video by Timber Hawkeye who has a very simple guide to happiness – 2 words: be grateful.

Hawkeye takes a Zen Buddhist approach to how we can change ourselves and thereby change our world. It is a Christian approach as well as Jesus consistently taught his followers to be still, to sit quietly, pray and to be grateful.

Timber suggests that gratitude turns what we have into enough. In this TEDx talk, Hawkeye observes that all of our suffering is self-inflicted, and that we have a misguided notion that happiness is something we have to “pursue.” He shares some simple prescriptions for inner peace and tranquility: slow down, sit. There is nothing you need to buy; nowhere you need to go. Just spend a few minutes each day taking inventory of everything in your life that is worth appreciating.

Video from KarmaTube

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