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Back to School

Today I started a brand new adventure- teaching in a community college. I will let you know from time to time how this journey is going and perhaps some new ideas we find along the way.

It is billed as a Sales and Marketing course, but in reality, it is a class on life since we are all in sales and marketing, in one way or another.

I offer up this very short video as proof. Look how one customer is so happy while others are down-right miserable. Happy first weekof school!


One Response to “Back to School”

  1. Hello, Deacon Mike
    A number of years ago, during my years at St.Patrick’s Church, I volunteered with a group who would visit a local long term care facility. We received instruction from a teaching group based out of Newmarket/Aurora.
    At the same time I was taking sales courses at a local community college.
    The parallels between the two programs were numerous.
    People are people are people…..
    Best of Luck with your teaching, Deacon Mike.
    P.S. I love that Staples commercial!!