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Jesus with Young manI posted this about a month ago before I changed my mind about the theme of September’s homily.It seems to fit with this coming Sunday’s theme so I thought I would run it by you one more time:

At the risk of frustrating my theologian friends (if I have any), I wanted to provide folks with the following very brief explanation of what we mean by the “Incarnation,” and I have settled on a paragraph from Wikipedia. For those inclined to want more (and I mean much more) information, click here for a link to the New Advent Encyclopedia’s explanation of the Incarnation.  

The Incarnation in Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ the second person of the Trinity, also known as God the Son or the Logos (Word), “became flesh” by being conceived in the womb of a woman, the Virgin Mary.

The Incarnation is a fundamental theological teaching of Christianity, based on its understanding of the New Testament. The Incarnation represents the belief that Jesus, who is the non-created second hypostasis of the triune God, took on a human body and nature and became both man and God. In the Bible, its clearest teaching is in John 1:14: “And the Word became flesh and dwelled among us.” Wikipedia

Fr. Boyle in his interview with Kritsta Tippet asks a simple question:

Are we afraid of the Incarnation?

Fr. Greg asks the question in the context of our misplaced fear that we are somehow losing the ability to see the sacred in the divine- in the Eucharist.

Instead, Fr. Boyle challenges us to see the sacred in the ordinary- in the Incarnation which means that Jesus is both God and human.

Hmmmm…….Are we afraid of the Incarnation?

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