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Deacon Mike Walsh- An Itinerant Preacher

Deacon Mike was ordained a Roman Catholic deacon in 2004. During this time, he has work in ministry to ex-prisoners and with the help of other volunteers has established a charity called The Friends of Dismas (www.friendsofdismas.ca.)

In 2006, The Friends of Dismas (Dismas being the name given to the Good Thief) was established to encourage people of faith to get involved in creative ministry to those touched by crime.

Walsh was the Executive Director of the Henri Nouwen Society in 2011 and had a 30 year career in the computer industry. He currently serves as a deacon at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Markham where he lives with his wife Sue. They have two grown children.

Deacon Mike recently started to blog under the name of the Itinerant Preacher at www.itinerantpreacher.org where he explores spiritual directions for the journey of life.

Mike is a noted public speaker and he combines humor and storytelling to encourage audiences to follow the teachings of the ultimate itinerant preacher-Jesus.

8 Responses to “Deacon Mike Walsh- Itinerant Preacher Biography”

  1. Hello, Deacon Mike –
    I have found your blog through a back door, so to speak! As so often happens when ‘just looking’ on the web.
    My Twitter account –> a spur of the moment search for Henri Nouwen –> found the H.N. Society (Toronto) –> hmm… now who would H.N. Society follow –> Deacon Mike Walsh (appears to be the only Deacon the H.N.Society follows)–> wonder who he is? –> clicked on your Twitter account (new follower here!) –> followed to your blog –> noticed your preaching schedule –> St. Patrick’s?? –> could this be Markham?? –> searched your blog, found this bio –> it is St. Patrick’s Markham!! –> former parishioner here!! –> my Dad (now deceased) was a Perm. Deacon at St. Pat’s! Deacon Jim Blomeley, he was ordained in ’83 –> small, small world, mysterious web connections that happen!
    You have a new follower, Deacon Mike!

    (Patricia Blomeley-Maddigan)

  2. Hello, again, Deacon Mike!
    I just flipped over to your Facebook profile, and see you listed Brebeuf College School in Toronto. Class of ’73. I think you probably know my uncle, Neil Gazeley – now retired from many years teaching at Brebeuf. Neil is my Mom’s brother. Both of them are very much alive – Neil is now 83!!


  3. deaconmike says:


    Thanks for the notes and yes I do remember Mr. Gazeley with much fondness. He was a calming influence in the stormy times between myself and Father Robert Meagher especially the year I was the Student body president. I think that was 1972 and things were never great between myself and Fr. Meagher and Mr. Gazeley was such a gentleman. Please pass along my kind regards and best wishes to him. There are a number of Brebeuf grads and former teachers at St. Patrick’s.

    All the best and glad you found the site on the internet’s long and winding road.


  4. David Butler says:

    Hi Deacon Mike
    My girlfriend and I really enjoy your presence at church on Sunday. We both really look forward to your teachings. You make it easy to connect with Gods teaching. Keep up the good work. You are very inspirational. Thanks and see you on Sunday.
    David & Meredith

  5. deaconmike says:


    Thanks so much for your kind words. I am travelling right now enjoying some sunny weather but please say hello when at the church sometime.

    God Bless

    Deacon Mike

  6. lisa lopes says:

    Hi Deacon Mike!

    Thank You for coming to St. Patrick’s Church in Mississauga, to start the Dismas Ministry!
    I just could not get enough of your talk that night, about the Ministry, and how it connects with Jesus!
    I am glad you have this blog, so everyone can enjoy your preachings, and your humour, and not just St. Patrick’s in Markham!

    God bless!


  7. Helen says:

    Hi Deacon Mike,
    A question intended, for a few weeks now, to ask someone the next time I’m at Pt. Pat’s but never got around (I mean to ask, not getting to church). Could we (the church) organize a group fare to see the movie “The Son of God”? Like the way offered us in my schools days to see “The Ten Commandments”, and a few other Charleston Heston movies. Or for seniors on weekdays? Which ministry should I approach to pursue? I just thought I have to give it a try – for old times sake. Thanks.

  8. deaconmike says:

    Hi Helen

    I am not sure if you have had any luck with this but perhaps an e-mail to the parish general e-mail? It might be good if the Youth ministry organized something perhaps.
    Here is a link to the general e-mail: http://stpatrick.on.ca/sp/contact

    Deacon Mike

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