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A second personal post of the week. It turns out that the last week of June is one where two of the biggest events in my life took place. There was the birth of my daughter on the 27th and today is the 33rd anniversary of the day I changed the way I filled out forms when it asks for “Marital Status” as I went from single to married.

What is the secret to a long marriage that is stronger all of these years after the” I Do’s” ?

I have no idea really but the quote below is a least part of the equation.


And here is a clip from one of my favorite movies that tells the story of one marriage from the wedding day until death due they part. It seems to me that Ellie and Carl figured out how to live their lives as a couple following the advice of Louis Anspacher in the quote above.

To my wife and best friend all I can say is – Thanks for the adventure and here is to many more to come- Love Ya!

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