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I am just back from my road trip with my son. We spent 10 days together, which is a real treat, since he is all grown up now and busy with his own life. We traveled across 4,000 Km together in the car, golfed twice and watched the Super Bowl in a bar where even I was about 20 years younger than the rest of the crowd. It was restful, fun and a great example of what one of my favorite authors, Matthew Kelly, calls “Carefree timelessness.”

One of the great lessons I constantly relearn from my son, yes you can teach the old dog new tricks, is the joy of simply going with the flow. No need to have a down to the minute schedule, if it rains no problem, we do something different and above all slow down the waitress will eventually get here.

Matthew Kelly shares in his book- The Seven Levels of Intimacy, that “Carefree timelessness and intimacy are best friends. Our relationships cannot thrive under the pressures of our noisy, busy, fast, modern lifestyles, but every relationship blossoms when it is nourished with a little carefree timelessness.”

How true and it was such a joy to share a little of this kind of timelessness with my good friend Chris.

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