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Journey of TransformationI had the wonderful opportunity to speak to a group of Catholic Principals and Vice-Principals recently at their yearly conference. The topic of the presentation was:

A Journey of  Transformation-Becoming a Compassionate Companion.

Transformation: to undergo a change in form, appearance, or character; become transformed. It is a question many of us ask ourselves – What is it I am called to become? To prepare the talk I relied on the work of Dr. Alexander Shaia in his books, Beyond the Biography of Jesus and The Hidden Power of the Gospels.

Dr. Shaia provides an fascinating look into the four Gospels and helps us to see how they help us to answer the four basic questions of life by examining the four paths of the gospels:

First Path: How do we face change? Climbing the Great Mountain of Matthew

Second Path: How do we move through suffering? Crossing Mark’s Stormy Sea

Third Path: How do we receive joy? Resting in John’s Glorious Garden

Fourth Path: How do we mature in service? Walking Luke’s Road of Riches

Some links you might find helpful:

A copy of the presentation.

Dr. Shaia’s Quadratos Website

Interview with Dr. Shaia on Beyond the Biography of Jesus

Buy a Copy of  The Hidden Power of the Gospels.

Below is a quick introduction to Dr. Shaia and the new book  The Hidden Power of the Gospels.

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