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A Homily Week Dilemma

St PaulI am into my tenth year as a deacon. I am likely approaching my 100th Sunday preaching gig.

For all of this time, I have avoided the second reading almost entirely. Sure there would be an occasional mention of a line, but I have not yet had the courage to speak about Paul, his writings and his impact on the Church and the Christian faith.

This summer I have decided to have my own season of Paul, and I was going to start the journey this weekend with a homily on the life and message of St. Paul.

Here’s the dilemma: The gospel this week is about the Lord’s Prayer. Not exactly an insignificant theme- which is Jesus teaching us how to pray.

Here is a possible solution.

If you have 15 minutes click on the link below for Fr. Robert Barron’s look at the “Our Father”. Below is a summary of this homily from his website:

 Our Gospel for this week is of the utmost importance, for we hear the Son of God himself teaching us to pray. In this homily, I walk rather carefully through the major petitions of the Our Father, noting how central this prayer is to Christian life and spirituality.(Fr. Robert Barron)

Click Here to listen to the Fr. Barron talk about the Our Father.

I will plug away on venturing into what is new territory for me in this the summer of St. Paul. To get started, I have included a short video below that has the very basics of Saul/Paul’s biography. It is a place to begin. I am just not sure where we may end which is the real excitement about a journey like this one.

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