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This is the beginning of homily preparation week for me, and I would like to start with a confession of sorts about my confusion.

I was originally scheduled to preach a few weeks back but switched so I could go on my road trip with my son. While I was away I was thinking and praying on the gospel that was going to be the focus of the homily. When I returned, and with the help of my wife, I figured out I had been preparing for the wrong the week.

As it turns out the readings for this coming weekend might even be better suited for the topic I want to explore. I have been wondering why many Christians and perhaps Catholics, in particular, worry so much about sin and hell!

I saw this trend in my own mother, and it drove me crazy. Tomorrow I will share a story I heard on a podcast while I was traveling that just made me wonder- WTH- or for you older folks “What the Hell!” Stay tuned for more.

On Tuesday, we will have the usual posting of This Sunday where you will get a chance to look at the readings, reflect with Fr. Scott Lewis and hear a 60 second- yes 60 second homily from Fr. Greg Friedman.

On Wednesday, we will explore the 7 Deadly Sins and the 7 Lively Virtues with Fr. Robert Barron from the Word on Fire. This is an extended series of homilies, so I am warning you if you want to explore these concepts with Fr. Barron you will need about 45 minutes- less than one drama on TV- but it is a bigger commitment than normal.

I am uncertain what Thursday and beyond holds but let’s start the journey and see where it takes us.

Jesus tells us in this week’s  gospel: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life…”

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