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gifts of the holy spiritThere seems to be many different interpretations of what the various gifts of the Holy Spirit are and what they mean and how we might use them in our lives as followers of the Christ. One curious thing about our God is that he gives these gifts freely, and he leaves it up to us as to how and when, or even if we use them.

It can all be a bit confusing. For the upcoming homily, I want to see if it makes sense to put the gifts into one of three baskets.
The first basket has four gifts in it which help us to know that we are all the beloved children of a God who cares so much for us. He wants us to know and understand who he is and to use the teachings of his Son to guide our way in this life. The gifts that help us to know who we are include:

GS 1 to 4 To Know God
The second basket of gifts helps us to return God’s love. These gifts help us to realize the value we have in God’s eyes and to let Him know that we have decided to make Him the centre of our lives.

GS 5 and 6 To Love God

The final basket has only one gift in it. This gift is the one we need to make all the others come fully alive in our lives. It is this gift that helped the disciples leave that upper room and to go out into the world teaching everyone all that Jesus had taught them. This is the gift that helps us to “Go in peace and to glorify the Lord by our lives”.

GS 7 To Live as Jesus Taught

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