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In case you wanted to watch this year’s National Catholic Mission you can see it below along with a description of “Why giving our death’s away” might just be our final and greatest gift!

Father Henri Nouwen was a Catholic priest, a University professor and one of the best known spiritual writers of the last 100 years. He died suddenly 20 years ago in September 1996.

In his last works, just before he died, Henri Nouwen began to speak of how the final task in life is to give one’s death to others. We are meant, Nouwen says, to give our lives for others, but we are also meant, to give our deaths for them. Just as elders are meant to teach the young how to live they are also meant to teach them how to die. That’s the final lesson we are meant to give the young, to die in such a way that our deaths are our final blessing to them.

The promise of life everlasting means that our death does not have to be our final failure, our final defeat in the struggle of life, our unavoidable fate. If our deepest human desire is, indeed, to give ourselves to others, then we can make our death our final gift.

The 2017 National Catholic Mission features Sister Sue Mosteller CSJ and Father Ron Rolheiser OMI.

NATIONAL CATHOLIC MISSION 2017 from Daily TV Mass on Vimeo.

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